…they long to be close to you.

How are you? We hope you are well.

It is interesting to observe how we function in a slower world. We watch the rain, and genially complain that we would put a few more seeds in the ground, but as it stands, that time is not now, so we make do, hoarding egg cartons and watching the slender sprouts within lean toward the muted light. We make do.

Meanwhile, we’ve both somehow gotten involved in the question of what is going to happen with our choir and the last two concerts of the season. We find this choir’s solution utterly lovely – and here’s to those of us wanting to be closer than we are to friends and family far away.

Be well.

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  1. Seeds—I have a ridiculous number of them growing under lights in the basement. My first Spring here, learning how to do this with all the time in the world, because as we say each day—there isn’t any place to go, or people to see. My boys were all supposed to visit, and so now that has been cancelled. For some reason, I’m not seeing the videos posted above. But thank goodness for Zoom, and Facetime, and all the little ways we are connected that we take for granted.

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