Garden & Remodel Update

If you squint hard you’ll be able to see me in this picture. Yup – these are the first of the garden space, with 6’3″ me standing amongst the rows, by way of perspective. We’re so proud of our beds this year it’s not funny. And best of all? Tomorrow we go to pick out tomatoes!

Jackie from one thread two thread has promised to send me some crimson hot peppers in exchange for a few of our seeds from Kitazawa. I’m hoping that she’ll have some luck growing the Thai Hot way up there. (I looked at your address on a map, Jackie: you’re about as far away from us as is physically possible while still remaining on the same continent! And when you say “frost” I’m thinking that you mean something entirely different than we do down here!)

The remodel actually looks like we may wrap up this current stage (floors) soon. The downstairs bathroom (shown to the right) is as “done” as it’s going to be for a while. We still have to get some additional storage for it, and to bring back some of the missing decorations … and, oh, some hand towels would be nice, as would some soap. But, other than that, it’s the first room downstairs to be completely finished.

The stairs have to come out again, temporarily, because they squeak awfully. So, we’re going to not let them “float,” but are going to apply copious amounts of construction adhesive. It’s not a happy thing, to glue them down, because it’ll make them harder to replace if they get damaged. But … well, you do what you have to, because the stair noses are actually working their way loose, and won’t be worth walking on in a few months if we don’t fix them.

More tomorrow, when we know how many and what varieties of tomatoes we end up with, and when the builder has left … hopefully for good!

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  1. Lovely large garden space! Lovely green trees! Lovely looking bathroom too! Lovely that seeds are coming my way! I can almost taste the new squash! We are quite the squash fans!
    And by “frost” I mean when it gets cold enough for the moisture in the air to freeze on the plants. Somethings, like broccoli, can withstand a light frost (just above freezing) and even a hard frost (just below freezing) but others, like basil, peppers and tomatoes, don’t like frost at all. Kills my happy plants dead. All of this usually happens in mid-September.

  2. Lovely bathroom sink, kids…you’ll need to have a grand open house when all is said and done and “tom and jerry” are out of your lives forever!

  3. NOT lying awake at night thinking about it. Well … not any more, at least. It’s all planned out! That’s the whole idea! That way, all we have to do is to worry about bugs, and gophers, and blight … and breaking valves ….

    OK, so I worry.

    But the garden is organized so that maybe we can walk between the rows when it gets out of control. That’s all. It’s a recognition that it’s going to go crazy in a while, and we’ll be sorry that we planted as much as we’re going to plant.

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