Early Morning Moonset

Lynedoch Crescent - July 27 Ephemeris

The Photographer’s Ephemeris (available at stephentrainor.com/tools) is a tool I’ve mentioned before. It’s useful because it tells you things like where and when the sun and moon will rise and set. It tells me that tomorrow morning’s going to be an early one (say, 5 a.m.) in the hopes of catching the full moon, on its way down, setting behind the towers. I really hope to awake early enough to catch it! Of course, it won’t be dark, still, as the sun will be rising 20 minutes before the moon sets. I’m going to try to get the shot before the sunrise, though, if only because the moon needs to be still in the sky if I’m going to see it from the flat.

We’ll see if a tripod-mounted series demonstrates that the camera alone was the problem, or whether there’s some lens involvement as well. It’s so difficult to tell. If tomorrow’s shots come out (and if I get any, what with clouds and fog), I’ll know whether I have to send the lens in for an adjustment.

Enjoy the moonset, if you’re up early enough!


4 Replies to “Early Morning Moonset”

    1. Alas: checked the status of the clouds at 1:30, 3:30, and 4:30 … and it was completely overcast by 4:30. There was still some hope at 3:30, but the moon was too high to see from inside the flat, and I wasn’t about to get dressed & lug equipment out into the park for this.

      1. Bummer! Were you up all night checking those times?? Or waking up for those times? I wonder if there will soon come a time when you do get dressed and lug all that equipment out just because that will be the only way to get that shot.

  1. Wasn’t up all night – just happened to be waking up lots last night.

    As I’ve said before: it’s a noisy city. It can be relied upon to have the “early drunks” at 1:30 and the true die-hard drinkers stumbling (and singing) their way home at 3:30. The 4:30 was just … obsessiveness. 🙂

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