On the Level

Tripod base is level? Check. Pan-tilt head on tripod is level? Check. Artificial horizon provided by the camera says we’re level? Check. Centered on the fountain, from directly in the center of the pathway? Check.

Kelvingrove Park 269

Kelvingrove Park 273 HDR

Fountain itself is level? Um … No. Not at all. And it’s just undergone some renovation. Apparently that renovation did not entail actually … propping the thing up. Just … adding new figures to it and painting a few of the existing ones. For this, it’s taken two years or so, and the fountain … is still crooked. How do I know? I overlaid a grid on this, just to check whether I was experiencing an optical illusion. Nope. Crooked.

Welcome to Glasgow, where things gently sink into the earth, and are renovated on the way down.

With new-cut sandstone, which will no doubt weather into looking like it fits in sometime in the next 50 years or so, and with with gold-ish paint applied to the … fat baby-things on the edges, how can they not call this renovation?

Oh. You mean, you expected something like, “make new,” which is, after all, what the word actually means? Nah – here in Glasgow, you replace the bits which are excessively worn, and keep on coming back, year after year, replacing things piecemeal. It provides steady work, and it only looks awkward all of the time.


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