Sewing: 110V vs 260V

So, the one piece of technology we determined that we could bring with us on this journey was the old sewing machine, because it’s merely electric rather than electronic (i.e. it doesn’t have a computer in it). We figured this should work out fine, provided we got an adapter for the plug. What could happen? Hah!

Sewing here … is much more of a challenge, much more stimulating. You see, this little sewing machine was running wonderfully on 110V current. Now we’re feeding it 260V current. The slightest touch of the pedal and the machine leaps ahead, going full-out, consuming fabric as fast as it can. It’s … frightening. We expected something like this, but still, we weren’t quite prepared. Nor were we prepared to burn out its little light-bulb. Too much juice, do you think?

Fortunately we’d already done most of our tailoring on the other side of the ocean, but we’d left a few things aside because we couldn’t find the appropriate color of thread (I have 2 orange shirts) or because we simply forgot (as in the coat in the pictures).

After the one coat, we’ll be leaving the sewing machine alone for a while, to concentrate on knitting up a few more warm things. The current experiment is with using 2 colors of yarn on the same loom. It’s turning out to be interesting, if a bit more tedious than simply one color, and it certainly has you paying attention a bit more. We’ll see how long this scarf takes – we’ve a feeling we’re going to need it!

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