Caution Raised Ironworks

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I wonder about this city. Really, I do. There have been some truly horrible potholes around the block, on my way to work. I’ve almost been hit by a car, which skidded after hitting one of them. Finally, after many months of enduring the potholes, the city has gotten around to repairing the road damage (only after having installed two new bike-lanes, mind you!).

I wonder about this city, though, not because they’re lame about repairing potholes, nor because they install bike lanes before they repair obvious damage to existing roads, but because they lay asphalt over top of utility covers. Yes, that’s right: they lay asphalt over top of utility access and then go back and have to cut away the freshly-laid asphalt.

Seems that there could be a solution to this, no? No. Makes work, I suppose.


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  1. We’ve got the whole one crew repave the street, another paints the new lines, and yet another comes to dig it up for what must be work scheduled for water mains and/or sewers. 💡 I’ve always imagined the desks for the various departments being next to one another in whatever city building they’re housed. Ridiculous.

    1. You know, it sounds like something they’d do here: have different crews to do every little bit and have none of them know what the other does. I’m sure if their desks are near to each other that they have lunch together … but probably never bother to discuss who’s doing what!

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