Behold! The PhD Is Done (ish)

Today’s Best Line: “Congratulations! You’ve passed your PhD!”

Today’s Second Best Line: “You know I’m never to call you Doctor, right? Ever.”

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Well. I passed the viva voce exam today, receiving 2 months in which to complete “minor corrections.” I defended my PhD thesis, and have no substantive changes to make. Now, by “substantive,” they mean that, “it’s good research, there are no flaws in the methodology or in the information presented, but you need to make it hang together a bit better – to tell the reader what you’re going to say, to walk them through the whole research a bit more, to join the bits together.” So – my guess is that that means about 40 or so more paragraphs in which I break things down for a larger audience, a bit of re-captioning, and (of course) the inevitable few typos which sneak into any large body of work.

Does this feel “real” yet? Well … not so much. I think it’ll feel more real when I really get through with making these changes. However: the research and degree have been defended to everyone’s satisfaction, and I have until the end of March to nail down the last few changes and get them approved by the internal examiner. So. I guess, put that way, it’s real.

What this means for us, in the short-term, is that we’ll be extending the student visas for a short time, and that we’ll also be able to qualify for post-study-work visas. The post-study visa allows us to stay here for another 2 years – and lets me find the right research job, rather than having to jump at whichever position is willing to take me immediately.

We have some celebrating to do (or, perhaps, sleeping, since I haven’t really slept in the last four days). We feel much safer, as we have a bit of breathing room.


Edited To Add: Yes, that same won’t-call-me-doctor voice keeps saying, “I told you it would be fine.” Perhaps after a good night’s sleep, I’ll stop hearing that little mutter following me around…

14 Replies to “Behold! The PhD Is Done (ish)”

  1. dude!

    well done – there must be a special term for “post viva” or “between ABD and PhD” but I don’t know what it is. Anyway welcome to that happy place, and hope the admin goes smoothly between here and the diploma!

    I am curious as to whether you know Simon Gay?

  2. Yeehah! congratulations Doctor! (I love the sound of “post viva” it has a feel of winning the world cup -or something similar- and being in the fuzzy warm afterwards feeling of having accomplished a grand thing, knowing it’s done for a while. I guess post viva is quicker to say 😆 )

  3. Congratulations!! That is such a great weight that will soon be out of your mind. It will take awhile to realize, but will be so enjoyable when you take that deep breath and understand it is done.

    Sorry I have been away for awhile. Things have been rough. Will write you later. But I am so happy for you both!

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