Aran-esque Sweater Project

Thought I’d give you some decent shots of my aran-esque sweater project, as I finally got the film developed. Yes, film. Believe it or not, I get far better shots with 35mm than with digital … but that’s a whole ‘nother blog.

Detail of Honeycomb Stitch, which runs right up the front panel, starting about 10 inches from the hem.
Now, I don’t have any idea if Honeycomb is supposed to be like this? This is the first I’ve ever done it, so it’s a new one to me, but … should you be able to run your fingers up beneath the cables like this?

Horseshoe Cable – not such a great detail shot. There’re two cables, each running alongside the Honeycomb panel, about 4 inches away.

Some details of the back panel. These cables were initially just part of a kind of “sampler” thing I was doing – nothing organized, just playing with stitches.
The back panel is the foundation for the whole sweater, and I’m now working on knitting into the edges – without selvages… which is what gives me this edge…
and this edge. Don’t know where I’m going wrong, nor why things look so odd. I figure it’ll be a “house sweater” in any event, but still. I’d like for it to look good, too!

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