Apropos of Nothing In Particular: A Webcomic to Smile About ☺

Pollock Park D 32

We’ve been spending more time with the nephews. They are small and loud and quick and slippery like eels. They are also incredibly creative and bright and inadvertently hilarious. They tell us all manner of Large Life Truths they are sure are quite accurate. The fact that they’re newly turned three and five doesn’t hamper them in this relating of Large Life Truths. They know everything. This they have said. They went to school, you see, before “Gramma got tired.” That the rest of us know that their Gran retired from being a early childhood educator is beside the point.

All this to say that, though we have no children, we can appreciate that they’re bizarre and amusing little aliens. Thus, when we laugh at Lissa and Scott Peterson’s webcomic, Into the Thicklebit, it is with the type of laughter that comes from seeing the weirdness in our own family up close. (Full disclosure: Lissa is another of T’s author buds, and contributor for GeekMom as well. Her hunky honey writes for DC Comics which is up in the stratosphere for Way Cool Jobs. They have a commitment to family that is really amazing – six kids, 17, 13, 11, 8, 6, and 3 years old – all homeschooled. ALL. And the parents are successful and brilliant, too, so it’s proof right there that kids will not drive you insane. At least not entirely.)

Take a gander – you might find your family pictured there, too.

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