Hobbits at Home, Away

Glasgow Airport 12

And here we are again.

The bank had started this PR campaign before we left and we’d seen the “this is home” posters in the airport at least twice returning from some outing or other. But this time, seeing them we both gave a somewhat disbelieving laugh. T. had had a conversation just before she left wherein a friend told her, “remember where home is.” Yes, home… where is that again?

Glasgow West End 14

Glasgow greeted us, of course, by bucketing down rain, but cleared to blue skies and a lovely sunset the afternoon of our arrival. And, yes, the sun set in the afternoon. We’re in that stage of losing light at a ridiculous pace. And yet we’ve found sunshine, in the enthusiastic greetings of friends, and the retrieval of a work mug of D.’s he hadn’t known where he’d lost. We are possibly the only people on earth to go on vacation and manage to have some of our dishes with us.

Should you ever have the opportunity to go abroad for more than a week, we hope you consider letting a flat. Aside from the obvious financial benefits of having some place to cook and not relying solely on restaurants (trust us, your innards will thank you), renting gives you a nice home base from which to explore everything, and if you’re very lucky indeed you end up with an amazing bathtub like the one from which this blog post is being dictated….

Glasgow West End 02

Our plans for next week include a meeting of the Glasgow Sceptics with a lecture on nanotechnology, a Chapel Choir concert, and a good rummage about at the Hunterian Museum (one of the only museums which, in 5 years of living here, we never managed to see, despite its being on the University campus). We may also pop up to Perth to meet with friends. All in all, without the pressures of a dissertation to write, a work schedule to keep, and various illnesses to combat, we are recapturing already the sense of things we’d been missing – a vibrant electric life just out the door and down the block, and a slow, bone-deep contentment at home. Strange, growing up in suburbia and turning out to have been a city person after all. Or maybe just a Glasgow person.

-D & T

Glasgow West End 12

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  1. So glad to hear that you’re safely arrived and getting settled in. And collecting lost crockery! Hope you continue to have a marvelous time/visit with old haunts and friends.

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