Automobile Woes

Around about October or November of last year, our 2012 Honda Insight started acting strangely, so we took it into the shop. Nothing. Further on in November, the check engine light came on, so I took it in and they topped up the oil, which it had apparently been burning. Rinse, repeat, add in about 8 quarts of oil added over the next 5 months and now … well.

Two weeks ago, we suddenly lost power while getting onto the freeway, all sorts of lights warning us that all manner of systems had trouble. So, we limped home, and I took it to the dealer the next morning. After waiting about for about an hour, the mechanic comes out holding a spark plug, with an odd look on his face. The spark plug is blackened and missing the little metal arm that actually makes the spark gap.

Skyway Drive 04

So, add a new plug and it works nicely for a few weeks, then last night on the drive home it was kind of stuttering – almost as if I were running over a series of small potholes. This morning I’d planned to take it into the dealer and have them check it, but before I was even off of our street the warning lights started, so I returned home, talked with T., and headed to the dealer to trade this thing in.

Click through to the video for the whole blurry experience.

We now have a shiny new Honda HR-V, EX model, all-wheel drive. It feels like an SUV when you’re in it, and it looks kinda like an SUV, but then it’s able to be parked in regular spaces. We’d been eyeing it for a possibility, talking over getting rid of the Insight, and today was the day for it.

Skyway Drive 369

Hope you’re all well out there in the internet world.


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