Non-Photogenic Food and Bicycles


Sometimes, food just isn’t that attractive. It’s a sad reality, and probably the reason why our entire photostream – 34,214 pictures as of today – contains just two pictures of lasagna. The one above suffers from being an unattractive specimen (although quite tasty, thank you). The one below is obviously from a restaurant (at The Blue Lagoon, in Iceland) but we feel it’s cheating just a bit because it’s not really lasagna, it’s layers of eggplant pretending really hard that they’re lasagna. But, it’s vegan – our first experience with vegan lasagna many years ago… And now you can get it practically everywhere on this end of the state.

Blue Lagoon Excursion 06

As the week begins, D. will be cycling to work for the first time. Well – for the second time, as we made the trek there and back yesterday, to see how it would go. This is the first time in maybe ten years we’ve had bicycles, and we went for something much more rideable than our previous cycles. They’re low enough to the ground that even the shortest among us can cope, they have lots of gears for hill-climbing, yet still let us sit up straight, and cruise.

Roll Bikes 1

The ride in to work takes about 10 minutes, just having a leisurely cycle. These are designed so the rider sits upright rather than hunching over the handlebars. They’re also designed to really keep on rolling, so you don’t have to pedal constantly to keep going anywhere. They’re rather like the bicycles of childhood, and we’ll be enjoying taking them out on the weekends as well.

It’s time to go bake cranberry orange bread/cake to take in to work tomorrow. We’ll save aside a few slices for ourselves, in celebration of our 23rd anniversary.

-D & T

2 Replies to “Non-Photogenic Food and Bicycles”

  1. I think the lasagne looks divine! So glad that it’s cooling off and tis the time for cosy foods.

    Yay for bikes!! I want to get one to explore the tri-state old railroad trail around here. Never will I be an urban cyclist~can’t believe that I haven’t seen one squished on Dupont Circle.

  2. The lasagna looks delicious! Can’t remember the last time I made it, so of course now I’ll have it on my mind. As for the bikes, I’ve been wanting one for a while now. But I’d love a tricycle with a basket in back for groceries, or my dog. Gears or no gears, I still haven’t figured out a way to get it back up the hill we live on. Even with a bike like yours, I’d have to be in ridiculously good shape to avoid passing out once I made it. 😆

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