Plums Galore!

Peachtree 138

Plums. They are … determined? Obstinate? Persistent? Annoying?


We have several quarts of unripe plum paste. We have several gallons of unripe plum pickles. We have several more gallons of ripe plum paste. We. Are. Tired. Of. Plums.

We will, however, be making some plum pickles, and some plum jam, and maybe some other things. Made of plums. Lots and lots of Santa Rosa plums. Which keep falling off of the tree, and demanding to be picked up so as not to have wasps, etc.


2 Replies to “Plums Galore!”

  1. Have you grilled them yet? Oh, my! Serve with a bit of vanilla yogurt mixed with cream cheese or labneh, or ice cream. Delicious! If you want to get crazy, then reduce balsamic vinegar to a syrup and drizzle that over. Add slivers of fresh basil.

    1. @kellypea: This has been the BIGGEST crop of plums from one little skinny Charlie Brown plum tree that I have ever seen. It’s been insane. It’s so fast – we were still trying to thin the green ones while ripe ones were falling – and then suddenly they were ALL ripe, and then, boom, gone.

      We’re still in shock. But, hey: we have jam. I’ll have to get Farmer’s Market’s plums to try grilling them; I’ve had grilled peaches and pears, though, which are divine…!

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