Losing our ears

Last night we went to choir for the first rehearsal of the year. We sang (Bach) for two hours and then had the beginning-of-year party with the choir, and took the bus home. As we were standing at the bus stop, we were treated to all manner of people walking by, including some whose accents we couldn’t identify. We both looked at each other and had to ask: were they American? Or … were they just, well, from the Highlands or Islands? We couldn’t tell. They weren’t Glaswegian, of that we were certain. But … we think our ears have been befuddled.

D. took this picture while we were at the bus stop. Yep – Glasgow University’s bell tower is beautiful, isn’t it?

– D & T

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  1. Sounds like fun trying to guess people accents. Once when I was walking down the streets of Venice, Italy, and talking to my sister or friend (I don’t remember who now).

    “Excuse me, are you from New York?” A young man and woman stopped me with big grins on their faces. They were so excited to get it right.

    Meanwhile, I didn’t know I had a supposed New Yawk accent. 😉

    Love your photo.

    Happy singing!

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