So, we have the cutest little green eggplant. I think that they’re the Kermit ones shown here or here but am not sure. They hold their texture quite well, and were probably overripe even when we picked them – at about 2 inches across – they’ve lots of seeds, which tells me that we should’ve picked them even smaller! Not that I mind the seeds particularly, but that I’m just amazed. We’ve not done so well with eggplant in years past, but this blasted heat seems to have made things very happy. Well, that and the WaterSorb we tilled in to encourage drought-resistance, I’m sure.

In the heat, we’ve given up baking for a bit, and are starting to get into the swing of produce processing from the garden. We’ve dried our first squash and tomatoes into chips, which are absolutely fabulous and probably won’t last until the weekend; we’ve canned our first bunch of Thai Bird peppers (love them when I get them in restaurants, just can’t stand the fish sauce they usually come in), and we’re waiting for more tomatoes.

We’ve run out of our home-made pepper sauce (made from some of last year’s dried chiles de arbol), so that’s also on the agenda, but that’ll never last longer than the next couple of months – just hoping that it lasts long enough to get us to this year’s crop of chiles!

So. Still trying to get into the blogging thing, which isn’t working so well – I find that I don’t have much to just broadcast out there to the world. Oh well.

Going to concentrate on eating the eggplants now, and can’t wait ’til the weekend when we’ll harvest some more!

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  1. You don’t have to blog every day!
    Some people only do it once a week.
    Anyway, I think the eggplants are cute, but I worry about the density of the flesh — and the seeds per square inch. They’re tiny; do the seeds taste like anything, or are they a nuisance? I prefer pear-shaped eggplants rather than spherical fruits… Don’t know why, but the round ones make me nervous.

    I do wonder whether you’ll enjoy trying Scarlet Runner beans

  2. The seeds aren’t flavorful, they’re just a bit crunchy, and maybe a tad bit slimier than when you find them in other eggplant. So, I’d probably not mind growing this variety again, but I’d also want to try another type – the pear-shaped purplish stripy ones look like they’d be interesting & maybe not have so many seeds?

    They’re berries … and there’re hundreds of varieties. Perhaps we’ll work our way through them, as we’re trying to do with the hot peppers.

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