Things That Make You Go… Eeew

There are many fine things in this life, roasted beets being one of them. A soupçon of huile d ‘ olive, a sprinkle of sea salt, a few choice twigs of rosemary, and you’ve got yourself a simple culinary paradise. Add chevré or some arugula, and you’re, well, golden, if that’s what kind of beet you used. But if it’s not…

…just remember that you’ve eaten beets, okay?

Or you could well give yourself a heart attack a day or so later.

And we’ll draw a veil over the rest of THAT brief episode.

5 Replies to “Things That Make You Go… Eeew”

  1. The day grows longer, and I recall that there’re still beats in the oven … nice, roasted Chioggia beats, with their delightful stripes inside. Someone should rescue them. Someone who’s home, perhaps.

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