August 24, In Retrospect

2000 Alaska 151 2000 Alaska 153
2000 Alaska 155 2000 Alaska 114

Funny: the only pictures we’ve taken (apparently) on August 24 were way back in 2,000, on our cruise to Alaska. I doubt that’s the truth, really – I think that that’s the day the film was developed, because these pictures are from Juneau, yet some pictures which are from the 25th are from Skagway, which we visited prior to Juneau, as I recall.

Wish we’d been shooting high-resolution digital, way back then. Alas, we were shooting “APS” format film, and have since lost the camera somewhere.


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  1. Wow you went to Alaska before we moved up here in 2001.
    Hope you enjoyed it, probably saw the coastal communities unless you got off the boat and took tours. The cruise ships don’t normally come to Kachemak Bay as it’s farther on West from Glacier Bay and Prince William Sound. This year however we have the Amsterdam coming here and next year that one and another will come. The local merchants enjoy having them and they only dock for half a day.
    You have some wonderful photos, you’re very talented when it comes to photography.

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