Goldfish Scarf

So, I started this scarf off with the idea of doing something relatively simple … and it’s now mutated into something else. We’ll see what happens to it while we’re traveling, but here’s the pattern so far:

  1. *k10, m1, k14, sl1, k2togtbl, psso, k14, m1, k10
  2. purl entire row*
  3. *Repeat for 10 rows*
  4. k10, m1, k14, sl1, k2togtbl, psso, k14, m1, k10, CO 10 new sts
  5. purl entire row, CO 10 new sts
  6. k9, sl1, k2togtbl, k9, m1, k14, sl1, k2togtbl, psso, k14, m1, k9, sl1, k2togtbl, psso, k9
  7. purl entire row
  8. Continue, decreasing by 2 sts each knit row, until you’re back to having no extra stitches.

I don’t know where it’s going to end up, but I think that I’m going to gradually make it wider, and will keep on adding on these little bits, so that it looks rather like a fish. I think. I don’t really know, but we’ll see. I’ve got this dark copper color, and also have a lighter gold color, and I plan on alternating, so that I have kind of a stripey fish. It will at least be interesting, and will certainly keep my occupied for the 40 hours of air travel we have coming up (Glasgow to Amsterdam to Minneapolis to San Francisco; San Francisco to Miami; Miami to San Francisco; San Francisco to Detroit to Amsterdam to Glasgow), and through many hours of waiting in airports and random idle times.

DSL hasn’t turned on in the new flat, and won’t until sometime while we’re gone. So, posting will take a back seat to unpacking – particular as we only have four days before we’re off! Now, off to see if we can find where we packed the food. 🙂

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  1. Sweetie and I really enjoyed meeting you both today…so sorry that it was a short visit. Hope they had what you wanted ate REI, Old Navy and/or Target! Thanks for the thistle…will find a home in many books over time.

  2. im loving the colour of the yarn… i’m working on my best friend’s blanket right now – 202 stitches long and 13 balls of yarn!

    thanks as always for the comments on my page!

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