As the end of this PhD thing approaches (I submit a hopefully-final draft to my supervisors on Monday), it occurred to me that it’d been quite some time since I did a Wordle of my work. Below are the two earlier wordles and the one from today. I suspect that there’s not going to be much changing about the thesis, or at least not enough new words added to affect the wordle.

09-Feb-09 Wordle
February 9, 2009
09-July-03 Wordle
July 3, 2009
11-July-07 Wordle
July 7, 2011

After this next run-through with the supervisors I’ll do any corrections they think I need and will hopefully be able to submit that for the viva. The viva will take place sometime between September and October, I’ll do any corrections arising from the viva, and am expected to graduate in November.


2 Replies to “Wordle”

  1. Wow. Love the Wordle! I like well done infographics both from a design perspective and from the quick info load. I would guess that it’s a happy/slightly sad time for you both though. You’ve blogged some amazing experiences and not that you won’t have many new amazing experiences, but, well, leaving is always a bit sad.

  2. Love Wordles–can waste far too much time with them! Congrats on a MAJOR milestone passed. Finger’s crossed that there is minor revising to be done.

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