Goodbye Glasgow

Hayford Mills 001

We’re settling into our new home. Our first impression: we’ve just had the best night’s sleep we’ve had in several years. Even though the house is in chaos, we’re still taking the time to relax, look out the windows, and enjoy the peace of not living in the middle of the city.

The kitchen is in disarray, so there won’t be much in the way of experimental cooking taking place until we can manage to pack up the dishes and tchotchkes which came with the house. Yes: this house came fully furnished … and apparently the owner has a penchant for decorating, because there are even spare decorations tucked away in drawers throughout the house. So, rather than simply unpacking, we’re doing a mix: unpacking our things and packing hers up to load into the garage.

Hayford Mills 005

When we’re not tripping over boxes in the kitchen, though, we’re looking out at our garden … and realizing that we really do need to get organized so that we can have a few meals out there before the weather turns cold and mucky again. This morning the table was in full sun, but it was still too chilly to be out there without coats, which are packed somewhere still. We figure that the unpacking will take a few weeks. Hopefully we’ll get some use out of the space before Winter sets in.

Tomorrow morning we’ll be walking to D’s work – a walk of just under a mile, one way. Between our home and work is all residential, with a footbridge over the motorway. There are no shops, nor even any major roads to cross except for via that footbridge. It’s an amazing difference from where we’d been.

Cambusbarron itself has only five or six shops for the few thousand people who live here. We’ve gone to the opposite extreme from Glasgow: from a huge, sprawling, filthy city to a tiny village. We believe we’re seeing a better side of Scotland.

The sun is streaming into the living room, and we’re feeling lazy. The unpacking can wait awhile – there are books to read, and maybe even naps to be taken.

-D & T

13 Replies to “Goodbye Glasgow”

  1. I love where you live now it sounds just wonderful and the walking to work even better. That little garden below with the table and chairs and a gate there so sweet. Where does that gate take a person? I think maybe out onto a large grassy park like section behind the housing? Can’t wait to hear more about your new place. Nan

  2. Gorgeous garden!!!!! It’s hot/humid today (and of course I have to be dressed up for an outdoor wedding), so I would dearly love to have to wear a jacket.

    Enjoy the sorting and unpacking.

  3. Congrats to you both! Thinking of packing up the former occupants belongings has me thinking of an older home we once lived in — same thing, and my mother was moving in with us, so we had three households of things to contend with. The back area looks wonderful — definitely get out there to enjoy it before the cold sets in. Can’t wait to hear of your new adventures 😉

  4. Oh how VERY lovely!! And what a departure from where you were before. Now I’m going to have to get it together to come visit you.
    Wish my yard looked that lovely.

  5. What a beautiful little yard! I could spend hours in it reading. Congrats on moving & good luck with all the packing/unpacking. Moving into a furnished/decorated house must be strange indeed.

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