Shadow Shot Sunday

Charing Cross 365
Charing Cross 366
Charing Cross 367
Charing Cross 364
Finnieston 117
Finnieston 117 HDR

Today’s Shadow Shots were taken on my way home from work, about two weeks ago. To the left you can see the angle of the sun, as it slants across the front of these doorways. These are entrances to flats, mostly, although there may be a business or two tucked away on the ground floor, as is their wont in this part of the world. These are the very posh houses of Glasgow, so far as I can tell: they’re on Park Circle, at the very top, and are generally very well maintained.

To the right are … well, not proper shadows, except in the first picture, which looks up towards those very same ritzy flats (and is in black and white, to show the shadows a bit better). The second two show the Royal Scottish Orchestra building (formerly a church), taken looking along Berkeley Street from Elderslie Street. The one which looks all shadowed is how the streets … well, “actually” look: an incredibly bright sky, and darkened streets. The second of the series is the result of HDR: 3 images, each exposed at 2-stop increments, and mixed together using Photomatix. The result is somewhat surreal, but gives a better idea of what you’d see, if you were standing on the street, because that’s what HDR is all about: what your eyes do when you look at things (which is to say that your pupils dilate and contract to “expose” each thing you’re looking at, rather than “exposing” the whole scene at once).

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