Reappearances, Disappearances

Occasionally we’ll go through our blog links and check on all of the people we’ve maybe not heard from in awhile. Some of them have disappeared in favor of The Face Hook (sorry you’ve succumbed, Ms. Nancy), some have simply dropped out and don’t have any presence any longer (we miss you Chef Paz). Some have returned to blogging, though (Haalo is back, after a 4 year hiatus!), and others have started taking pictures again.

Portland 010

Welcome back, to those returning, and we hope those who have left will stop by to tell us where they’ve gone.

-D & T

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  1. Hello you two so sweet of you to still remember me. Yes I went totally over to FB so many friends are hanging out there posting photos the blogs get forgotten. I am guilty of that. Still enjoying checking out some very old saved blogs from time to time however. All the best to you both in the New Year I hope it’s a good one for you.
    Nancy J York

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