Is this thing on?

It has been an eternity since I’ve blogged anything. Life just seems to roll on, no real change, and here we are with me not having even bothered to pull any pictures from the phones. And did I use a real camera during this time? Nope. Life is kind of narrow right now.

Irvington 865

Here’s what work looks like for me these days. Every client wants me to use their laptop, rather than giving me access through my own system. So, I’ve got a stack of laptops sitting here, which I shuffle around as needed. I’ve just purchased a keyboard/video/monitor switch, so once I go through the setup, I’ll at least have laptops with decent keyboard and monitor!

Do have a look at the latest batch of photos, on . I’ve taken up a bit of metalworking, primarily making windchimes out of titanium, and there are a few chime photos up there. If you’re interested in something other than the most recent photos, organizes all of the albums into collections, so it’s possible to navigate. For example:

  • Europe
    • Netherlands (10 albums)
    • Castles (16 albums)
    • England (2 albums)
    • Italy (7 albums)
    • Scotland (2 collections)
      • Around and About (48 albums)
      • Glasgow (47 albums)
    • Traveling About

And on it goes from there, fairly organized. 39,153 photos.

I can’t tell you that I’ll be blogging more, especially now that email subscriptions are being disabled by FeedBurner. We’ll see how it goes.


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  1. I hear you! I keep saying I’ll blog, and goodness knows I have plenty to blog about, if anything just to create space in my head. But I have actually taken photos with my Canon, and just yesterday! So I’m sitting here, uploading and going to tackle some editing. We visited a botanical garden and so many gorgeous flowers to admire. As for your email subscription, I need to check my service. It isn’t with Feedburner, I don’t think. They’ve been disconnecting for some time now. But keep me posted. I would appreciate and enjoy staying connected to you and T!

  2. That’s an impressive array of screens¬shuffling all those laptops must be a bit frustrating.

    And, as always, enjoyed the stream of photos.

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