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OK, so I’ve gone and done it. I’ve gone and gotten my own place to write things other than just scabbing comments onto the blogs of others … and I must say that now I’ve got it, there’s a meeting to go to … and I really do wish I were baking. Of course, I really wish I could eat the bread I’d bake, as well, but we’re not doing that this week … avoiding all those nasty carbs, etc. Ahh, for the days when it’s all gone & I can eat bread again. Of course, that’s part of the problem, isn’t it? Eating what you cook.


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  1. I wish you were baking too.

    I don’t miss bread so much, per se, I miss being able to eat anything I want. I don’t like it being too hot to run the oven, or being to health-conscious to fully embrace and roll around in carbs like I want to.

    I hate being told what to do. Can you tell?

  2. Oh, that’s an awful idea! Yes, we can get into the garage if there’s no power, but it involves finding the silly little key to the garage lock, and then pulling out some cable or other which unlocks the garage door, and then you can pull it up by hand. All of this in the dark, of course.

    However, the whole place wouldn’t be dark if you’d just blown a single fuse, and theoretically the garage doors are on separate breakers from the house ones. That’s the whole idea of redoing the box: to give you separation between your appliances so they don’t overload the circuits.

    So. Still, I don’t like the idea of having it in the garage, ‘specially ’cause if the oven goes out I want to fix it NOW, not after I’ve had to go upstairs to get clothes on, back to the main floor to go outside, and then down and around to get into the garage. Three flights of stairs, just if I’ve blown a fuse while baking in my bathrobe? Nope. The fuse box will be in the hallway, where it can look as ugly as it wants to.

  3. We can always put it in a wee painted cabinet… something appropriately wooden and cutesy looking, like a wellhouse… (a la Davies.)

    And I DO hate it when it’s myself telling me what to do.
    I suck.

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